Whats the difference? Secured Party Creditor, Private Citizen, American National, etc.

Whats the difference?

Many People ask what is the difference between a Secured Party Creditor, a Private Citizen, American National, and related terms. They basically mean the same thing, but are slightly different. You can be one or all of those status’ in some cases, let me explain the definitions so there is no confusion: 


Private Citizen – is someone who is private and not governed by any de facto corporation like the U.S. Corporation or it’s subsidiaries like STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF TEXAS, etc. 


American National – a private citizen of anywhere in America; North or South America, anywhere whatsoever – can be on Indian territory/ Tribal territory in Canada or Mexico; or you can be a resident of your city , located at one of the sovereign republic states, without interfacing jurisdiction in the Corporation “UNITED STATES”. 


State Citizen – an American National who is not an Indian, not from Canada, not from Mexico or South America or Caribbean. A state citizen is one who is domiciled in the republic common law of New York ; or Florida; or California Republic. 


Non-Resident Alien [with respect to the UNITED STATES (corporation)] – means you are residing in the republic, and in the view of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, you are not residing in their jurisdiction, so they have no territorial jurisdiction; by being an alien (foreigner), they also do not have in personum jurisdiction. 


Secured Party Creditor (“SPC”) – someone who was a U.S. Citizen and has a U.S. birth certificate or Certificate of Citizenship (if born abroad), or permanent resident who has a green card and social security number; who has voided and canceled the contracts creating the U.S. Citizen/Resident, and replaced them with a Private Citizen status who also has taken control of their LEGAL NAME trust; and can operate freely to discharge debts or court actions at will. An SPC is a specific type of individual which at one point in time, perhaps for much of it’s life, has been a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident; but after discovering the fraud and scam that the government is really a private corporation and a voluntary society, and desiring to become sovereign and free has done a process of paperwork filings that has: 1. privatized their legal name trust, and 2. recorded the necessary UCC filings (there are 12- 33 pages), and 3. opened up their Treasury Direct Account to pull jurisdiction off of the Secretary of Treasury for being Receiver/Administrator of your Accounts; and set up a mandatory discharge fiduciary contract with said Office; and 5. gotten the consent of the Secretary’s of State of various state’s, the I.R.S., and Washington D.C.; through tacit acquiescence that you are in control and have a prima face position within the courts operating in a sovereign/Private capacity. Becoming a secured party creditor simultaneously makes you also able to operate as; a Private Citizen, American National, and a State Citizen, they are simultaneous. However, one could have been born a private citizen and American National, with no birth certificate, no social security card, no green card (immigration contract w U.S. corporation); and therefore they would NOT simultaneously be a Secured Party Creditor because they do not have a BIRTH CERTIFICATE GENERATED LEGAL NAME, nor do they have a Treasury Direct Account. That man or woman would be free and PRIVATE from the very beginning. 


Sovereign – free from any de facto corporate government jurisdiction 


Sovereign Citizen – an oxymoron term, used by the de facto corporate government, what they try to call many people researching this material; and invented by the status quo to classify people as domestic terrorists; stay away from using this term; also it diverts attention away from the actual terms that historical precedent and case law has ruled on (extensive case law cites the rights of “private citizens” that take nothing from the State and thus owe nothing to it; see Hale v Henkle)