Discharge of Debt/Bond

 Discharge of Debt


– Some debts can be discharged through the Treasury after you have become a Secured Party. This is accomplished by opening up your Treasury Direct Account, which is done by depositing a bond off your birth certificate. This is accomplished within the paperwork you do in the SPC process and mailed to Puerto Rico Secretary of Treasury. Other debts can be discharged directly with the company and may or may not require an open Treasury direct account. We look at your loans to decide/recommend the best process, because there are many ways to skin a cat – if you will. We can do Credit Cards with high balances, Student Loans, Medical Bills, Private Loans/Business Loans, Court Fine/Orders of any Kind, are all game.

Set up process fee may include a securitization audit to locate hidden accounts created off the original loan/account - and we have capacity to kill those at the same time, otherwise the account can be brought up again by a debt collector. This is the reason why people do an administrative process, get a court case thrown out, Think they have a win, then 30 to 90 days later the person is re-charged under a different case number. If inquiring, please send the latest account statement(s) only for any/all accounts, and the “Judgment” and “Order”(s) for any Court Ordered payments, so we can evaluate.

We do not do auto loans or mortgages because they are very difficult and not 100%, so we do not wish to have any unsatisfied students for our "educational services". This may change in the near future. 

We can discharge your children's birth certificate BOND. Which will take them outside the jurisdiction of the state. Kill all power of attorney powers of the state over the child. Stop CPS from violating your privacy, trying to take your child away and unfair court orders from a disgruntled spouse etc. You take back ownership of your child.